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About Us

What is IOGRA? - We all enjoy a good story

Imagine having an online journal of your life full of all the important events and people you have encountered along the way. A written and visual showcase with chapters, dates and images and a central record of your ancestry, easily accessible to friends and family for years to come. That’s IOGRA, your life story in one place.

There’s an undeniable desire in people to share a story with others. We all like to tell and hear stories. They help us make sense of the world and share that understanding with others. As human beings, we’re natural storytellers, because we want to engage, connect and capture people’s hearts.

Everyone has a story to tell that is unique and full of experiences we can share. If you want to inspire, motivate, or be remembered, let IOGRA help you tell your story.

What’s IOGRA’s story?

It all began when two friends were writing about their journey as entrepreneurs and realised what they needed a central point of reference to tell their story. There was no single place to put all their pieces together, it was like writing a chapter in one book and the next in another, the result was a confusing puzzle, not a good story.

They decided they could create a place where all those parts could fit together into a ‘super’ book. So IOGRA was born, a platform that captures life and preserves it online for future generations.

Their dream is for IOGRA to become a growing library of biographies, an expanding library with different levels and rooms and accessible to all. A place built to help others easily tell their story with words and imagery made from memories, experiences and encounters.

Become part of the dream and tell your story today!

How stories are created on IOGRA?

IOGRA is a place to WRITE, SHARE and PRESERVE your story. It is an easy to use community of biographers built for sharing.

By creating an account, you will be able to populate chapters and create an online book for others to read.

My Profile

Start by adding your personal details. Then add your biography by writing about your life; share special moments, experiences, thoughts, feelings and observations - it’s all about you, your family and friends. This is an overview of your life story, who you are and what you are.

Describe what was happening to you at the time it happened. Tell your story as if it is a movie inside your audience’s head. Describe the scenes and add detail. When was it? What was happening? How did it look? Who was there? What did they say?

My Timeline

Look back and think about pivotal events in your lifetime to create a timeline. This is a visual flow diagram highlighting key moments in your life presented in a linear form and in chronological order.

My Memories

Life is full of memories but over time they can become buried under new ones or blurred with future references. Now is the time to preserve those memories forever. This area of your IOGRA will grow as you continue to add to them and become a treasured part of your story.

My Gallery

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is where you can share unlimited photos and videos. It is more than a place to store them, it’s an invaluable archive of your life, places you visited and the people you have met and will add a deeper understanding of your legacy.

My Family Tree

Grow a visual document of your family with a Family Tree. Create and add your relatives and explore your family history. Share your heritage with family and friends and watch your tree grow. It’s fascinating and amazing what you’ll discover!

My Book

Stories are made to be shared. Convert your life story into a book. Your biography is built from chapters drawn from your Profile, Gallery, Timeline, Memories and Family Tree. Keep it as a living document for yourself, your family and friends or share and inspire the world!