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Chapter 5 - Quit India

Britain became weaker after fighting against Japan, hundreds of soldiers were lost and dead which had increased India’s fighting abilities while giving them more opportunities. As a way to keep Indians under control and their wealth, the British government promised more rights for Indians, but this had been unsuccessful. This was because large amounts of people had followed and participated with Gandhi in their huge nonviolent demonstrations. 

With Gandhi’s Satyagraha protests and the Quit India speech, Britain had been beaten and pressured mentally to give India full independence. In 1947 at midnight of 14-15 August , the Indian National congress negotiated a deal for independence but insisting on breaking India into two parts so that two self-governing countries legally came into existence. Pakistan as an Islamic country while India continuing to be a Hindu country. 

On August 15th, 1947 India received full independence and became free from the British rule. After Gandhi achieved full independence for his people and country, Gandhi was acknowledged and witnessed over the globe as a passionate man who gained independence through nonviolence, peace and inspiration.